To work with chemicals

Before start

At ventilation or fume hood alarm

  • Abort the experiment
  • Call Akademiska hus' hotline 020 - 55 20 00

A risk assessment should always be done when hazardous chemicals are handled. You are bound to find out the risks associated with the chemicals you are going to work with. Read the safety dara sheets that are available in the chemical management system KLARA.

Login is not required -but a KTH IP is required- to access the the product register. Safety data sheets can also be obtained directly from the supplier(s) of chemicals.

In the lab

Use lab coat, goggles and appropriate gloves that fit the chemicals you work with. Label the bottles and flasks you work with with what chemicals they contain. Clean and put away regularly.

The CHE-school's safety regulations (pdf 1.0 MB) of course applies in all labs at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering. Everyone at the school shall read the above regulations and sign the acknowledgment form (pdf 128 kB) .

Delivery of chemicals

It is important that all deliveries of chemicals, especially flammables, arrive to the correct address and person. Hence, be sure to give the correct address to the supplier and that all deliveries are received by the client. Telephone notification is required, specify the phone number. No goos may be left in the stairwells and halls where people pass.

It is recommended to use the goods reception at CHE.

Waste disposal

Take care of solvents and other wastes. Waste room is located in the house 17, 3rd floor, room 370. It is open between the hours of 10-11 on Fridays odd weeks.
Entrance Teknikringen 40, where a elevator is located. Staff from SEKA in place these days. It is not possible to leave waste at other times because the room is locked. It is absolutely forbidden to put waste in the corridor outside the room. When leaving the waste, it will be weighed, registered and sorted in order to meet demands from the licensed professional and transport requirements. All that is submitted must be labelled with content, name of submitter, division and department.

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