FPT’s internal website

Welcome to the internal website for the department of Fibre and Polymer Technology. Here you’ll find practical information relevant to us working at FPT.


Human Resources: Inga Persson

IT support and service: Karin Backström, Kjell Agnekil, fpt-support@kth.se

Instruments: Ramiro Rojas

Chemicals:  Bo Swensén, Ramiro Rojas (WWSC)

Cards and keys: Karin Backström, Mia Hjerten, Inga Persson

Travel expences: Ann Ekqvist, post box at TR 58

Report maintenance issues

Any issues with smells, ventilation, lighting, heating and so on, need to be reported to the landlord, Akademiska Hus.

You can either report it directly to Akademiska hus(in Swedish) or contact the at CHE.

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