Introduction to CHE

It is important that new people at CHE get as good introduction as possible to get a good start here. On this page we have compiled useful information to use for you who employ a new person.

On this page you will find a brochure which has information on the School of Chemical Science and Engineering. Furthermore, there is a checklist to help you prepare and plan to receive a new employee.

At the bottom you will also find a checklist on what that line managers should consider when someone ends his/her employment at CHE / KTH.

Information about the School of Chemical Science and Engineering (pdf 1.7 MB)


The following procedures are intended to aid in the introduction of the all new staff at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering. The purpose of the introduction is to give an overview of the workplace, meet colleagues and find out about the most important routines. Everything neither need to nor shall be done the first day. The most important thing is to get the person to feel welcome, first impressions often last. The person who will manage the introduction must set aside time for the introduction. A new recruitment is always a great investment. The introduction implemented by the immediate supervisor, or by delegation, by another suitable person. Why not designate a sponsor? For new Ph.D. students and diploma students preferably a Ph.D. student.

Checklista för introduktion (pdf 13 kB) (In Swedish)

Safety regulations

These safety regulations apply to the School of Chemical Science and Engineering in its entirety and in addition to the Working Environment Act. The safety instructions have been prepared in accordance with the law of general rules. The purpose of the safety regulations is to minimize the risks of accidents and bad health that may be associated with laboratory work. Everyone who works at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering should carefully read and apply the instructions and rules of conduct that are taught in these safety rules and inform themselves about what is in the work environment law provisions relevant to the work of chemistry (see links and literature instructions under section 5) .

Everyone, both the supervisor and the one performing laboratory work at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering, shall read safety regulations and sign the enclosed form. The form is sent to the CHE school's registrar, Mia Hjertén, for archiving. A continuous check is done with all supervisors and the heads of the departments.

Safety regulations CHE 20161006 (docx 2.3 MB)

Safety regulations form CHE (pdf 149 kB)

Mandatory environmental education

Employees, and persons working on assignments for KTH, should have sufficient knowledge to perform their duties in a manner consistent with KTH's work with the environment and sustainable development.

All employees should have a basic knowledge and understanding of KTH's environmental efforts and significant environmental impacts, as well as specific expertise when required.

To the mandatory environmental education

Ending employment at CHE/KTH

Here is a simple checklist to use at the termination of the service of the CHE

Checklista för avslutande (pdf 16 kB) (In Swedish)

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